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Public Art

The Mandala Project  Participate

The Belleview Station Metropolitan district dips its toe into the world of public art with the launch of The Mandala Project.

Starting with some fundamental questions like, how does art for the public differ from art for the private collector? Is it enough for public art to be well crafted, or does it need to include a social component to push the boundaries of our perception and beliefs? Does “place” inform art, or does art inform “place?” For Belleview Station, public art should involve and support the community, build a sense of place and belonging, encourage participation, spark delight, and exhibit craftsmanship that is both fresh and new. The Mandala Project is Belleview Station Metropolitan District’s answer. The circular nature of the mandala represents our community in its ideal public form; a multitude of individual parts coming together as one. Each time a shape is added to the mandala, it signifies our collective commitment to building something larger than ourselves. The first of many, this piece is oriented to the rising sun signifying hope and possibility, but drawing its light and energy as the sun sets reminding us of the long history of the site and the Denver community. The colored shapes, each individually cast in translucent rubber, can be acquired via donation then personally installed into the mandala; any and all are welcome to participate and we encourage you to help us symbolically build and give back to the community.

The Give Back

As donations are made and shapes installed, 100% of the proceeds will always go directly to a charitable organization selected by Belleview Station. It is no accident that for this first compilation, Belleview Station has partnered with The Denver Children’s Home. ( Family ownership of the ground upon which Belleview Station sits, dates back to the late 1800’s when acquired by the Bansbach / Dake families. The family’s tenure of support began with Margaret Dake and the then Denver Orphans Home spanning back to between 1876 and 1917 and descendants of hers have since continuously served the organization and founded its Bansbach Academy in 2005 ( As our community increasingly suffers from mental health issues, there is no shortage of need for DCH and its services.

The Mission

“Denver Children’s Home restores hope and health to traumatized children and families through a thorough array of therapeutic, educational, and community-based services.”

The Art

Elizabeth Faraci, Owner/Principal of Faraci Art Consulting, worked alongside Belleview Station to conceptualize and co-manage The Mandala Project. As an artist herself, she is adamant about exploring and introducing a wide range of artists, mediums, and concepts to her clients.

Faraci Art Consulting is dedicated to selecting, conceptualizing, and curating smart & nuanced art. They take a local approach to art selection to uncover the secret stories of any place. In addition to traditional 2-D and 3-D artists, they have built relationships with artists specializing in installation art, projection mapping, animation, 3D printing and foam, and interactive public art. Their thorough approach and deep connections enable them to select compelling and inventive art collections, reimagining spaces for hotels, multifamily, workplace, corporate lobbies, and residential projects throughout the U.S.

The Makers

Dark Moon Designs ( and Matik Metal (

Click the orange “Participate” button below and you will be directed to DCH’s processing page. Once there, select the piece size (S,M,L) and corresponding donation amount…$25, $50, $100. Upon donation, an automatic tax receipt will be e-mailed to you and copied to the Belleview Beer Garden (BVBG). Show the bartender your receipt and your piece will be gifted to you for installation. M-F 4pm-close. Open 11am weekends. If you are unable to visit the site and participate in the installation yourself, please send us an email at and we can have it installed for you.