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Belleview Station Public Improvement Company

The Belleview Station Public Improvement Company (PIC) is a not for profit corporation set up to impose the Belleview Station Public Improvement Fee (PIF) pursuant to the Declaration of Covenants date July 7, 2014.  All applicable retail/food/services sales and lodging activities occurring within Belleview Station currently include a 1% Public Improvement Fee.  This fee is collected by the retailer or lodging facility and submitted monthly to the PIC.  The PIC then uses these funds and any additional sources of revenue to support various public improvements throughout Belleview Station.  Currently, the PIC directs its efforts to provide the following:

  • Complimentary Valet Service (Tues-Sat evening located on Newport Street just north of Belleview Ave)
  • Temporary surface parking lot adjacent to the dog park
  • Parking Garage and Parking Lot management financing
  • Special Events partnership
  • Marketing and advertising partnership focused on supporting retail and hotel activities in Belleview Station

For more information, the following recorded documents are available: