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Belleview Station Metropolitan Districts

The Belleview Station Metropolitan Districts No. 1-3 work together to provide for the design, acquisition, installation and construction of street improvements, traffic and safety signals, water improvements, sanitation improvements, storm drainage improvements, park and recreation improvements and operation and maintenance of district assets.

Each district is governed by a board elected by property owners.  Term limits are in place and nominations to fill vacancies occur on a staggered schedule.  Together, the board approves an annual budget and a mill levy is imposed on all private property within the district boundaries and serves as its main source of revenue.

The districts work alongside the Belleview Station Public Improvement Company and the Belleview Station Master Property Owners Association to support all properties located within the district boundaries.  The common goal is to create a truly unique urban core for southeast Denver where people and live, work and gather to celebrate the beauty of Denver and the rocky mountain region.

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