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We understand that open space and parks are integral to the health and success of our community.  Even though Belleview Station is a part of the City of Denver, the parks are built and maintained by the Belleview Station Metropolitan District.  Internal to the district, we have set aside a minimum of 10% of the land area for parks and open space.  From courtyards and small pocket parks that are open to the public for casual lunches and gatherings, to planned multi-use trails and a large transit plaza for civic uses and events, we are shaping a community that responds to Colorado’s greatest asset; the great outdoors.  Temporarily, even the dogs get in on the action with our nearly one-acre dog park.

Not far from the famous Highline Canal Trail and the Cherry Creek State Park, we are working closely with the surrounding communities to improve pedestrian and bike access to some of the states best recreational assets.